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Mail Handling Equipment

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Custom Designs, Manufacturing, Installations and Servicing

With over 80 years of engineering experience, our staff are experts in the design, development, manufacture and servicing of lifting, tipping, weighing and handling solutions. We will not only ensure that all of your handling needs are met, but we will also ensure that all equipment conforms to stringent UK and European regulatory guidelines. In addition, we will minimize the negative impact of machine downtime on your production process with regular Service and Inspection Contracts.

Tailored to your Unique Handling Requirements

At Base we understand that no two customers' requirements are the same. This means that all of our CE Marked and Load Tested lifting, tipping, weighing and handling solutions are tailored to your individual needs. This provides you with the advantage of customised flexibility combined with proven designs and technology.

Machine Safety Features

We place a very high importance on safety of all of our machinery and we would highlight the following features:-

  • All of our designs are independently analysed using the latest Finite Element Analysis 3D Modelling Software to check the maximum stress levels in all parts of the machine.
  • The lifting chains have a high corrosion resistance and tensile strength.
  • All machines are tested in our factory with a test load which is 25% above the machine Safe Working Load
  • All unguarded tippers are fitted with our unique safety latch mechanism
  • The machine will operate on a ‘hold to run’ principle and will stop immediately if a push button is released.
  • The entire machine is manufactured either in mild steel with a durable powder coated finish or in stainless steel Grade 304 with a hygienic Food Quality finish.
  • Our electrical control panel is an IP65 Enclosure which is mounted conveniently on the machine and all other components are rated to at least IP65.
  • If the machine is supplied with a Safety Guard it will fully enclose the machine to meet the Guidelines of PD 5304 Safety of Machinery.
  • The Safety Guard door will be fitted with a Safety Interlock Switch which locks the guard gate shut unless the lift carriage is at the full down position, preventing access beneath a raised load at any time.
  • The control panel is fitted with a Safety Relay which monitors all safety switches at all times to a Performance Level D.